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Should I practice my crappy digital drawing or watch anime and YouTube videos..nope, always the second.
:iconthedarkwingguardian:TheDarkWingGuardian 2 31
*facepalm* idiot crush...
this is an ACTUAL conversation with my crush after I went on a trip and came back... Damn it, he can be SUCH AN IDIOT
Him: hey, how was it?
Me: great, thanks! I brought you something...
Him: really? Oh, so cute, what is it??
Me: >///> it's a pink stone...
Him: oh, does it have any meaning?
Me: *trying to get him get the hint* yep, it helps with LOVE, friendship and heart problems *I didn't invent it, it's actually true*
Him: oh, thanks! It will probably help me ;)
Me: *u* really?!
Him: Yeah, thanks to you now I won't have a heart attack, it's great you think about it, but not very common ^^
Me: :iconemocornerplz: yeah... heart attacks... :iconfacepalmplz:
:iconvaleryeb:valeryEB 2 13
Bassoon Nation!! by TsuEx Bassoon Nation!! :icontsuex:TsuEx 11 4
Kendo Club- Prologue(Friend fic)
(Lisa did one like it, I can too. There's no telling if it'll be a shipping fic or not, though)
I was walking home from school after my first day there. I had asked my homeroom teacher, Kazehaya-sensei, if there was a kendo club at the school to join, but regrettably there was none, so I had decided to start one. I had all the paperwork together and planned to fill it out once I got home.
It started to rain, so I decided to take shelter under the roof of a nearby shrine pavilion since I hadn't thought to bring an umbrella. I tossed a few 10 yen coins into the offering box, rang the bell, clapped my hands twice, and prayed for the rain to let up and that I would get three new members before time ran out.
When I looked up, I noticed a commotion coming from some nearby bushes. I walked over to it. There were three boys kicking something and shouting things. Upon closer inspection, that something turned out to be a someone! Enraged, I whipped out my bokken(A wooden sword of sorts, u
:iconwildwestpyro:WildWestPyro 1 11
Our beloved Mayu has died of cancer. . .
I found out today, but I believe she died yesterday. ( June 10th ).
She was a great friend, girl, person in general.
We'll all miss her. I already do. So a friend of mine suggested that we all write her a letter, and then on Sunday, we burn it. (This Sunday: 6 /15/14)
( Burning it may not be easy for you, so you can also soak it in water and rip it to bits ). 
There hasn't been an exact time to do it, since we all have different time zones.. but I may soon be able to tell you a preferred time ( i.e. Morning, Afternoon, Night ) to rip or burn the letter.
If you write an honest letter about what Mayu meant to you, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. 
Apparently Mayu loved violin lessons, which she had in the morning ( Maybe 11-ish ) so that may be an appropriate time to burn it. 
I'll be back to inform you of more specific details later ( I think ) 
Maybe not more specific but idk I'm sad. 
But like my friend said, it may be a w
:iconlesliepulse:LesliePulse 2 12
All together chap. 2
KC, I'm sorry if I got you a bit OOC, but I'm writting this at 11:00 pm! >.< I still hope you guys like it~

I finally got out of school, I usually don’t walk since I can just press a button and wait 5 seconds for a cab to arrive, but I wanted to think for a bit, besides, I had no rush to get there, my dad would be out working and my mom was never there, they didn’t care about me anyway, so…
My family has money, a lot actually, the school I attend is for rich people, yet I don’t like to make a big deal about it, since, compared to my classmates, I was poor.
I decided to take a long walk home and I started drifting from alley to alley, I plugged my earphones back in my ears and drifted into my own wonderland…
Until something pushed me down to the floor, making me fall on my back. My head hit the floor hard, but not enough as to drive me unconscious, but man, that hurted!
“what the hell do you think you
:iconvaleryeb:valeryEB 1 16
Valentine's Day~ by valeryEB Valentine's Day~ :iconvaleryeb:valeryEB 8 16
All together pt.1
This story takes place in an altarnate universe, a lot of us don't know each other in this story and at the beggining KC and I are not dating, but I'm planning more~ I also got help from my dear shinigami :iconghostcarlini-lol: to write this, enjoy~

"It's all for today girls, close your packs." The bell rang making the whole school notice another day was over inside the cold white building. Everyone sighed in relieve and started putting away their stuff as the teacher exited the classroom. I stood up from my seat and clicked the black button above the table making the whole desk retract to the floor. I stretched and yawned, tired of the damn daily routine. Everyday is the same, always, as it had been the last fifteen years of my life and it will be like this for some more.
"Hey Sis! Wait for me." I heard a girl across the classroom call to another one. I don't really know any of them and I'm not interested in being friends with them. Well, it's not like if we'r
:iconvaleryeb:valeryEB 2 23
(Alex x Lisa fic)Robin Hood Pt. 1
Alex and I had gotten into trouble again. We let ourselves be seen by the sheriff of Nottingham and his posse. "You go on, I'll hold them off and catch up to you in a bit." I said. I steadied my musket and sent a few warning shots their way. Like usual, they turned tail and ran off. I joined him in the tree he was sitting in.
"You know, Alex, we're taking too many chances. They get just a little bit bolder and that sheriff'll have a rope around our necks! Pretty hard to laugh hanging there, Alex." I said, pulling an arrow out of the shoulder of my shirt.
"You worry too much, my friend."
"Oh yeah? Take a look at your hat. That's not a candle on a cake."
There was an arrow sticking out of the back. 
"Wow, this one nearly had me, didn't it? They're getting better, you know. You have to admit it."
"Yeah... You know, I've been thinking: Are we good guys or bad guys? That whole robbing the rich to feed the poor thing..."
"It's not robbing. We just sort of borrow a bit from those who can
:iconwildwestpyro:WildWestPyro 2 3
Should I do this?
This is one of those ideas I come up with after a junk-food-fueled thinking spree that may or may not be a good idea. Basically it's my way of jumping on the Lisa x Alex fic bandwagon.
A Robin Hood retelling.
With :iconaleksi-kun: as Robin Hood
:iconwildwestpyro: as Little John
:iconwhiteangellisa: as Maid Marian
Whatcha think?
:iconwildwestpyro:WildWestPyro 1 4
Shane Dawson Stamp by Seasalticee Shane Dawson Stamp :iconseasalticee:Seasalticee 2,226 158 Attack on Flappy Bird by ItsumiK Attack on Flappy Bird :iconitsumik:ItsumiK 272 47 Torakun Comics: Valentine's Day by torakun14 Torakun Comics: Valentine's Day :icontorakun14:torakun14 335 49
Trainer Card: Mr. Maliwan
The CEO of Maliwan and Associates, a manufacturer of specialty Poke Balls. All Maliwan-made Poke Balls either boost the attack power of a specific type of move or the status effect chance for a particular status for the Pokemon caught in them by 10 percent. He enjoys fine tea and fresh air, and prefers living in a small town over a big city. He wears a suit most of the time.
He often hires Trainers to go out and find specific items for him that he needs for Poke Ball development, and is no scrooge about paying them.
His team
Name: Tinderbox
Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
Name: Slagga
Species: Nidoking
Gender: Male
Name: Chulainn
Species: Galvantula
Gender: Female
Name: Roksalt
Species: Gigalith
Gender: Male
Name: Skyrocket
Species: Golurk
Gender: Genderless
Name: Flakker
Species: Glalie
Gender: Male
:iconwildwestpyro:WildWestPyro 1 0
I promise
That I'll be there.
I may not be particularly talented at much of anything.
I may be unattractive.
I may not get the best grades or be the strongest person out there.
I might not be the person you love or a person you even like at all. Hell, you might even hate my guts.
But I won't hold it against you because it's what I've sort of come to expect from most people.
I may be stubborn and at times hard to understand.
I may be completely nuts.
But I'll be there when or if you need me.
I'll be the friend you have while you're looking for someone better than I could ever hope to be.
I'll do what I can.
And that's more than can be said for a lot of people.
:iconwildwestpyro:WildWestPyro 1 3
I've never been a big fan of them, I've never known why, but everytime someone tried to hug me I said no on a harsh way and leave so people stopped trying.
Today me and my friend Sebastian were arguing, then I apologized and he tried to hug me, I did the same I did with everyone and what he said made me stop my tracks.
Him: "I know why you don't like hugs"
Me: *surprised* "oh, really??" *sarcasm dripping from my voice* "and why, Sherlock?"
Him: "you are emotionally broken, if someone hugs you you'll break down and cry"
Me: "oh, and why do you know that, huh?!"
Him: "because we are on the same situation, your boyfriend lives far away and my girlfriend lives far away, people misunderstand you, they underestimate you, we dislike hugs for the same reasons. People fear you and that hurts you. People fear me and that hurts me."
Me: *shaking a bit* "you know what, I don't have to waste my time--"
Him: *he hugs me and inmideatly we both start crying*
I found out... he is right... the only reas
:iconvaleryeb:valeryEB 1 50

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Merry Christmas Hisako. I miss you a lot. I hope you're doing alright. You're important to me and I love you so very much. *throws snowflakes*
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Merry(late) Christmas to you too!i've missed you're really important to me too.
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Im sorry but im not really comfortable putting a picture of myself on here.
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I give you my warmest wishes!
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I know you are no longer here but...Happy Birthday Hisako.


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Wait a minute, you watch DailyGrace and Hannah Hart too!? 
o 7 o
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Yep,and I ship the Hartbig!
xMikeyNyanx Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
o7o Kewl~ another yuri couple~ 
HisakoTheGeek67 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yep,I just can't really she them with anyone else.They have to be together.
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